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Chris Bray - 1000 Hour Day Expedition 2008

“No matter where I am – in an unexplored part of the arctic, the middle of the ocean, or on a hiking trail - satellite phones connect me to the outside world of friends, family, resources, media etc, and in turn, connects the world to me. Using an Iridium phone from Landwide Satellite Solutions gives me complete freedom, peace of mind and even internet access to share the experience online, from virtually anywhere on the face of the planet.” 


Kevin Casey - Remote River Man

When I explore the remotest river systems on earth, I normally go alone and with minimal equipment for a month or more.  No film crew, no support team, and everything I need on my back or in the packraft. Whether I’m in Gabon sharing antelope stew with pygmies, searching for unknown waterfalls in Australia’s Kimberley, tracking bears in Canada or seeking out rare black jaguars along Guyana’s jungle streams, one thing’s for sure – in the sort of places I end up, safety is everything. 


Allan Whiting, technical editor, 4x4 Australia Magazine

Many newcomers to the joys of Outback travel are confused by the different communications options available. The traditional means of Outback telecommunication has been HF radio, commonly known as ‘Flying Doctor’ radio. Before the advent of satellite telephones HF radio was the only means of mobile communication that 4x4 owners could rely on.


Len Zell - Wild Discovery Guides.com

My travels take me all over Australia, to the Antarctic, PNG, Indonesia, across the Pacific and just locally into the bush. On every occasion I have differing communication needs – whether it be as simple as an ‘ordinary sat-phone’ to keep in touch, through to complex systems which will do location, text and image transmissions back to maintain the home backup team or publishers up to date.


Dean Mellor Editor 4x4 Australia

Landwide supplied 4X4 Australia with a satellite phone three years ago and these days we’d be lost without it. On numerous occasions, the Motorola satellite phone has got us out of trouble, when travelling in remote areas or simply testing vehicles on the eastern seaboard. You don’t have to head far out of town to lose mobile phone reception.  


Chris Edwards - Black Saturday Bushfires Victoria 2009

I would like to thank you John for your assistance during the recent Victorian bushfire that affected my brother and his family in Narbethong. Whilst I contacted a number of satellite phone providers on the sunday following the black saturday bushfire, you were the only one who could get me a satellite phone in Melbourne on that day (in fact, within an hour), and remarkably you were able to arrange it all from Sydney.


Ian Glover Patience Well Expedition 2004

For 15 years I’ve been leading expeditions into Australia’s most remote deserts – the Simpson, the Gibson, the Great Sandy and Great Victoria – and out there, having reliable communication isn’t just ‘nice to have’ – it can be a matter of life or death.


Clark Carter - Sepik River Expedition PNG 2010

During the Sepik River Expedition 2010, Landwide Satellite Solutions were generous enough to supply me with a Solara Field Tracker 2100. This thing was awesome. It automatically sent our position out every half an hour and graphed it on a map on our expedition website….  live!