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: Can I suspend my account when I'm not using my iridium phone.

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: Can I suspend my account when I'm not using my iridium phone.

- July 19, 2021

A common question we get asked is when someone is on a 12 or 24 month airtime contract but they aren't using it during the whole period, is can I  can suspend their account?.

The answer is yes you can, however if you're suspending your Sim card be aware there are penalties look at all the small print.

We often have clients telling is that they are able to suspend their prepaid card. However once they looked at the small print it seems that they've been penalised by either having to pay a $200 reactivation fee  is what its cost them to change their plans. So initially when they realise that they just want to reduce their monthly access fee for say three or four months whilst  not using the satellite phone,  can often cost them more than if they carried on paying the monthly access .

So be aware when you see a $15 or $20 per month suspension period,  because often there is a switching fee over and above that,   plus possibly a reactivation fee plus a change of plan fee.

At we don't allow you to suspend your card because it costs us more to reactivate it and you get angry.

However we do allow you to switch between local and global plans at no charge as long as it is being done on a calendar month basis.

So if you're considering that you're only going to use your phone for short periods, we recommend you look at the prepaid option versus going on a monthly access contract. 

The advantages of contracts are that every time you need the phone you have the same telephone number and you can literally get it out of the cupboard and off you go. You know that your active and you know you’ve got access. This is convenience and that's why you go on a monthly access fee plan.

Alternatively you go on the prepaid option which allows you to determine how many minutes and how many months you require the service for and recognise that you will change your telephone number each time you let that Sim card lapse.

The reason that this is the case is because the satellites to remain in the sky need monthly access fees to pay for the maintenance of them. Iridium have 66 satellites in the sky which of course need that maintenance to make that service be provided to you.

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