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How much does it cost me to call Isatphone pro satellite phone?

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How much does it cost me to call Isatphone pro satellite phone?

- July 12, 2021

The question of how much it costs you to call Isatphone pro satellite phone in or outside Australia depends on a number of issues.

It all depends on which phone system or service or landline carrier that you're phoning from. As there are hundreds of different airtime plans from all the different carriers within Australia. So Telstra will have its own plan Vodafone virgin and Optus to name a few.

Not only will it depend on the carrier it will also then depend on your own contract that you have set up with that carrier. Each land-based carrier charges different charges depending on the contract deal that you have either a domestic or commercial basis.

So if you are responsible for the cost of phoning Isatphone pro satellite phone in or outside Australia,  my recommendation is phone in your landline carrier and ask them having giving them your reference number , ask them how much it will cost you to call that iridium satellite phone from your landline or mobile telephone per minute.

In our experience this is varied from anything from three dollars per minute to $20 per minute depending on the land-based carrier to the satellite network you're phoning.

If however you are in a situation that you have access to another iisatphonepro satellite phone,  by far the cheapest way to call isatphone phone is via another iisatphone satellite phone. As this uses the iInmarsat satellite network direct and isn't stated as an international call through a land-based carrier. 

So from phoning one isatphone pro to another is by far the cheapest. If you are a corporation you are able to access an Inmarsat satellite network via a telephone and a land cradle which fits into your PABX switchboard,  allowing you to pick up your phone at your desk and press one of the external buttons which put you through immediately into the iinmarsat satellite network and is like making a local call which will  varying in price from $.80 per 30 seconds to a $1.50 per 30 seconds in our experience depending on the plan you have opted for.

In recognition of this difficulty, have created the ability for someone to SMS your satellite phone via their website at

In the main menu bar there is an SMS tab. You can send anyone be it family friend or business to that website via their laptop or desktop computer, to which they can then press on the SMS menu tab press on the iridium menu tab place your iridium satellite telephone number in the box and then send you an SMS from their desktop or laptop free of charge to both them and you.

This is a fabulous way for you to get communication at a minimum cost, as quite often in our experience we have found phoning from an iridium satellite phone to a landline anywhere on the globe or cellular mobile is much cheaper than a landline phoning a satellite phone.

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