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Using The Iridium Satellite Phone For Emergencies

June 10, 2021
Iridium is a communications company that mainly deals with mobile satellite solutions and is operational all over the world. Their solutions come in form of voice and data and they are serviced by satellites meaning that they are accessible regardless of the location as they do not depend on terr...

Can I Buy an Isatphone Pro Satellite Phone Outright in Australia

June 07, 2021
The Most Common  question we get from our clients is “can I buy an iisatphone pro satellite phone outright in Australia’?.The answer is yes you can. Most dealers wont to sell you an Iisatphone pro satellite phone standalone and this is because they make vast amounts of their income from thei...

Tips and Benefits of Buying a Used Satellite Phone

May 26, 2021
There are many reasons a person may want to buy a satellite phone. Mostly, it’s because they have to travel to an area where mobile phone coverage is limited and they need to stay in communication. Satellite phones are obviously more expensive than regular mobile phones because of their versatili...

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