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Satellite (SAT) Iridium Phones | Landwide Satellite Solutions in Australia

Beam RST100
$ 5,604.50

The Beam Remote SAT RST100 combines a robust design with the intelligent technology to support RJ11 / POTS, voice, and data services over the Iridium satellite network. Beam RT 100 - Key Features The Beam RST100 comes equipped with a range of interfaces and the option to access voice serv...


Beam RST620
$ 6,169.90

Beam TranSAT RST620 Fixed Satellite Telephone provides a complete hands-free voice and data telephone for a wide variety of marine, land and air applications.


Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone
$ 2,018.50

Designed from the start to operate with assured competence in the harshest environments nature can dish out, Landwide customers depend daily on the Iridium 9555 to be their lifeline in any critical situation.


Iridium 9575 Extreme
$ 2,299.00

An internationally certified 'SEND' (Satellite Emergency Notification Device) enabled handset, Iridium's 9575 Extreme leaps well ahead of its competition by being the first satellite phone to offer a programmable, GPS-enabled, one-touch SOS button. This safety feature will let you remotely notify...


Iridium Go!
$ 1,488.30

Iridium GO! instantly transforms your trusted device into a global communications powerhouse. For corporate climbers and weekend warriors, individuals, enterprises or governments, for anyone who is on the move, out of range or of the grid on land or at sea. The Iridium GO! enables reliable voice ...